John Harbaugh keeps his opinion on Deshaun Watson’s suspension to himself

If Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson ultimately serves a six-game suspension, his first game as a Brown will happen at Baltimore, on Sunday, October 23. Naturally, then, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked on Monday for his thoughts on the Watson situation.

“I do have a lot of opinions on it,” Harbaugh said Monday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m just not at liberty to share them at this time. That’s for the league to decide.”

The league can still decide to appeal the decision. And since the Commissioner or his designee will handle the appeal, the league can still decide to impose a greater suspension than six games.

“I respect what [owner] Steve Bisciotti and [former team president] Dick Cass created here almost 10 years ago,” Harbaugh said regarding Baltimore’s history with players suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy, specifically running back Ray Rice. “Basically, we’re kind of zero tolerance. You have to know the truth, you have to try to understand the circumstances, but we’ve stayed away from that particular situation — when we draft players, when we sign them as free agents. That’s Steve’s decision, and I’m glad that we have that policy.”

The Personal Conduct Policy gives the league a path for engineering a greater punishment than the six-game suspension that Judge Sue L. Robinson imposed. And if the league does it, the Ravens may not see Watson in Week Seven, or possibly in Week 15.